Our Story

Where it all began...

Hi, I'm Lucy, Creator behind Little Roy Handmade.

Ever since leaving school I have had a dream to start my own little business creating beautiful things with my sewing machine and sharing them with others.

I can remember as a small child discovering the beauty of the simple things in life with my grandmother. We would spend hours exploring the garden, popping the seed pods of the Balsam flowers, learning about the bugs and finding the 'perfect' stone in the rock garden by her house.

I am so grateful for these memories and to my grandmother for passing her creativity down to my mother and me.

After leaving school I landed my dream job working for a leading wedding gown designer helping to create beautiful gowns for brides all over Australia. They say 'If you do what you love, you will never work a day in your life' Well, I'd found that job!

Fast forward a number of years, I had changed direction and found myself in both the Mining and Transport Industries. Whilst I love these roles and the challenges they gave me, I always felt that there was something missing...

Becoming a mother was a huge change for me and I wanted to show my little boy 'the simple things in life' that my grandmother had shown me. It brought me back to my roots and once again I longed for the chance to share my love of sewing and creating with others.

Introducing ' Little Roy Handmade'